National Policy Strategy on Bioeconomy


  • BMEL-Referat 531 Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft



The Policy Strategy - Bioeconomy builds upon the Federal Government's Sustainability Strategy. This dovetails with the "National Research Strategy Bioeconomy 2030 – our route towards a biobased economy", adopted in 2010, providing the foundation for innovations in the bioeconomy by means of research and development. The "Energy Concept for an Environmentally Sound, Reliable and Affordable Energy Supply" (2010), the "Raw Materials Strategy" (2010), the "German Resource Efficiency Programme" (2012), the "Biorefineries Roadmap" (2012), in addition to other strategies and concepts formulated by the Federal Government, describe further points of policy orientation and conclusions with a direct effect on the bioeconomy.

The Policy Strategy - Bioeconomy sets priorities for advancing towards a knowledge-based bioeconomy and it highlights areas that require action. The aim is for the guidingprinciples, strategic approaches and measures to contribute to making use of the areas of potential for the bioeconomy in Germany, and also help to strengthen the structural transition to a biobased economy. The strategic approaches are to be further developed to match the long-term goals and to adapt to new challenges. The degree of success achieved by the strategy is to be examined in a Progress Report.