Working towards agriculture of the future - EIP-Agri in Germany


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Special issue 234 August 2022 – in english version:

Working towards agriculture of the future - EIP-Agri in Germany

The European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural productivity and Sustainability (EIP-Agri) promotes innovation and transition in agriculture, forestry and rural areas in the EU. It brings together people with diverse experiences and knowledge in operational groups projects (OGs) focused on the needs of agriculture. They jointly develop and test innovative, practical solutions and open up new opportunities. EIP-Agri was launched in 2014 and more than 3,200 OGs have since worked together across the EU, one-tenth of which are in Germany. The OGs are accompanied by a diversity of innovation service providers (IDL) in Germany. This strengthens mutual learning from each other.
With over 60% of OGs working on innovative solutions for pressing environmental and climate challenges, the EIP-Agri is already helping to make the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) a key instrument for achieving the goals of the Green Deal. However, to meet these challenges, an overarching approach is required: the necessary knowledge must be disseminated broadly, must reach those who need it, and it must be used effectively. Supporting and promoting training, advisors, knowledge hubs and dedicated innovation services and networks are equally important tools, that are now brought together with EIP-Agri in order to build effective knowledge and innovations systems for agriculture (AKIS).